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Our team of professionals have deep technical and process expertise that allows them to help improve your current database and application management operations. Our highly-talented pool of DBA's & OS Admin’s, have architect-ed, configured, and managed complex Database and ERP integrations, roll outs, database migrations, and upgrades across industry verticals. We offer robust quality services in the Entire arena of ERP and Database Consulting. Our Expertise in serving our clients' various requirements in applications and database enable us to be the most sought consulting firm in the market.

Our Team

Shankaranarayanan, Director

Our Team has 20+ years of experience in Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Database Consulting, we provide professional support, upgrade and implemetation services worldwide. With all the skill set we have accrued over the years and an extensive background in full life cycle ERP implementation , we have the skills , processes, tools and expertise to ensure that the nerve center of your company continues running smoothly.

What We Do?

We help you identify opportunities for your business on the cloud and on premise and subsequently help you get started.

Oracle EBS Support

Oracle E-Business Suite is so tightly integrated into many facets of your business , even the simplest change can cause major issue downstream. Whether your are changing the data on a calendar or trying to integrate a new module , it is easy to disrupt its tenuous interfacing network , leaving your ERP system vulnerable to productivity killing disruptions , crashes and outages. We are here to make sure that does not happen to you. With all the skill set we have accrued over the years and an extensive background in full life cycle ERP implementation , we have the skills , processes, tools and expertise to ensure that the nerve center of your company continues running smoothly.

Oracle Database Support

We understand the important of your organizational data. We proactively evaluate your environment and implement best practices to help improve Oracle database overall performance and stability. We provide 27/4 x 365 availability for your database. We help you in setting up and implementing highly available databases. We understand the extend to which your company rely on database and the importance of high availability. Our solution will take stock of your current risk scenario and help determine the level of protection your business requires. We help you in setting up secured database and implement backup and recovery practice which are properly tested.

AWS/Azure/Oracle Cloud Support

Cloud computing is more important than ever in many different industries. The cloud is becoming the go-to choice for many organizations for data storage, project analysis and team collaboration, and enterprise services strive to facilitate these aspects. We help you to on board on to Cloud , Provision , Implement , Migrate , Validate and Go Live. We help you to review security measures on the Cloud world and advice security measures that you have to make to stay secured with your database and application on cloud infrastructure. We help you to scale up and scale down on cloud infrastructure as and when demand increases. We help you during you entire life cycle of your application and database on Cloud.

Our Services Portfolio

Mayura AppTech offers professional Oracle Consulting Services to help your Organization improve operating margins and revenue growth. We understand that only technical know-how of Oracle products isn't enough; our expert Oracle consultants are well-versed with industry specific business processes that enable them to give your Organization the best possible advice about your environment. Our Consulting Services are client focused and customer specific, which means that the solutions that we offer are custom made to suit your business goals.

Build and Implementation Services

Today's fast-paced organizations are migrating from legacy systems to the most recent versions of the applications. Our Consulting Services focuses on all aspects of an IT system when we propose a solution; we consider the size, geographical reach, and the diversity of your organization and then suggest an implementation plan. Typically, we begin by providing a process definition and design before the implementation.

Customization and Integration Services

It is essential to have a seamless enterprise-wide integration to ensure real-time flow of information between different applications. This enhances your decision-making capabilities and business agility. We encourage the use of pre-built frameworks and adapters for integration services like data and application integration, open source based integrations, integrations with third party tools, etc. We have deep expertise in Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle E-Business, and in order to integrate your systems.

Run and Maintenance Services

Most organizations spend a substantial amount of resources on managing multiple database/applications and maintaining legacy applications. Frequent performance issues, downtime, and application failures have a direct impact on your business. You may experience lowered customer and end user satisfaction, decreased competitiveness, and unsatisfactory business performance. Our support and maintenance services for Oracle products offer cost-effective solutions.

Backup and Recovery Services

Database failures and data loss can prove extremely costly in terms of revenue, reputation and client relations. Stop worrying about the effects of data loss on your business, with an Oracle Backup and Recovery Solution from us. Our solution approach is designed to help your organization develop a cost-effective and secure system backup and recovery strategy to meet your exact requirements. Our solutions are tailored to each client's individual needs and can cover from hot and cold Oracle backups. We can provide an accurate backup of the Oracle database infrastructure stored off-site in a dedicated and secure virtual cloud environment. This multiple-redundancy approach ensures that a fail over backup is always available, which you can then fail back with ease.

Disaster Recovery Services

Instead of managing multiple products and services to minimize downtime, we can help you design, implement, and manage a high availability & disaster recovery architecture that ensures continued access to data, prevents data loss, minimizes business disruption, lowers costs, reduces risk—and, above all, meets your service level requirements.

Advisory Services

Incorrect installation and implementation of Oracle can be very costly. Our Oracle Advisory Services are designed to help you avoid these risks and go further making sure your investments are performing from a commercial and technical perspective. Our experts help you analyze your IT infrastructure, how your software is being used and understand your licensing metrics. We identify areas of cost reduction and cost avoidance and together with you implement an Oracle road map that fits your requirements.

Cloud Computing Services

In today’s world, every business conversation revolves around Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud Computing, that empowers enterprises to transform their businesses by speeding up digital innovation, enabling agile business platforms and reduces time-to-market. At Ourwe help enterprises migrate their existing applications to public/private/hybrid cloud platforms and provide new cloud solutions development rapidly on leading cloud platforms meeting quality and application performance requirements. With proven experience in IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, we facilitate IaaS providers streamline operations by supporting implementation of Cloud services automation, orchestration and service monitoring. As a cloud service provider, our end-to-end cloud solutions and cloud services suite encompasses Architecture, Design, Development, Testing, Cloud integration, Performance Engineering, Cloud Consulting and Cloud Automation.

Security Services

With Organizations increasingly rely on web, mobile and cloud applications to drive their businesses, the threat surface exposed to cyber attackers has dramatically increased and it’s becoming more difficult to protect their mission-critical data in order to meet a number of legal and regulatory compliance. Our offers a suite of IT security services that can meet any organization’s compliance, security and assessment requirements.

What we Offer

1 Corrective Maintenance - including emergency repairs of critical showstopper issues Incident and Problem Management
2 Bug fixes (including SR follow-up with Oracle) Incident and Problem Management
3 Root Cause Analysis Incident and Problem Management
4 Performance Tuning Incident and Problem Management
5 Application monitoring (Health Check) Preventive Maintenance
6 Proactive monitoring tools Preventive Maintenance
7 Solutions to RCA Preventive Maintenance
8 Periodic database administration and patching (DBA) Preventive Maintenance
9 Implementation of Oracle Cloud / eBusiness Suite Implementation/Support
10 HA configuration Implementation/Support
11 Security and Compliance Audits Preventive Maintenance
12 Remote DBA, Functional and Technical Services Implementation/Support

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